Life without chocolate is like a beach without water.

Island Candy Company is a family owned and run business located on Orr’s Island, Maine. Orr’s Island is located in the town of Harpswell just a short scenic drive South of Brunswick on route 24. The Orr’s Island Candy Company has been chosen as one of the chocolate shops on the “Maine Chocolate Trail” “based on the must-stop chocolate shops salting the coast from Kittery to Calais”. Visit Maine Travel Maven’s website for more information about the “Maine Chocoalte Trail. You will find the owner and candy maker Melinda Richter in the store making these delicious treats.

All of our candy is made right in our shop where customers can come in and watch their favoriteOrr's Island Candy Company candy being made.

All of our retail is made in Maine, made by locals, or supports Maine’s symbols and traditions.

We have something for everyone in our shop. Homemade chocolates, brittle, fudge, and penny candy. We also have a variety of local artists prints, a great collection of Maine themed books, kids corner filled with toys, Harpwell made blankets, table clothes, table runners, sail bags, and must have Maine made trinkets and treasures

Before or after a wonderful day of exploring the islands of Harpswell, stop by and enjoy our hand crafted chocolates and candies. We have delicious ice creams and sodas to refresh you while sitting or walking in our garden area. The garden area is a wonderful place to renew and replenish your spirit with the refreshments of life.

Email Island Candy Co. at:

We are open May through January 1st

Call for directions or any local area questions. Phone: 207-833-6639



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. We just got home after spending 6 weeks in Harpswell. We brought visitors and tried a few of the chocolates, all of which were simply divine. I love chocolate covered caramels, but my husband doesn’t, so no risk that he’ll eat mine.:) I bought him 2 raspberry truffles (there decadently large)
    Last night, I just couldn’t resist, after all, I was just going to taste it, and took a teeny, tiny bite. Really!
    Oh my gosh, that was so good, maybe just a little bit more, he won’t mind (too much).
    Uh Oh, I’m really in trouble now, I just ate the whole darn thing. I just couldn’t stop, honest.
    It. Was. That. Good.
    So, when I found out that you have an online presence AND, I can order some more I I knew I was saved. Thank you, thank you.
    P.S. Your shop is really cute and I found it a one stop shop for bringing back gifts to all my neighbors who held down the fort, aka, gardens. while we were away.
    P.P.S. The chocolate covered coconut and caramel, that you can get in dark or milk chocolate were just amazing!!

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